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Deso is an injectable treatment to reduce stubborn pockets of fat that haven't responded to diet and exercise. Deso fat dissolving can give similar results to liposuction without the risks, costs and downtime involved. 

Suitable areas for treatment with Deso include: 

  • Inner thighs,

  • Back fat

  • Saddle bags

  • Stomach

  • Arms or the 'Bingo Wing' area

  • Bra fat

  • Double chin

  • Jawline

  • Flanks

  • Lipomas.

  • Post c-section apron or 'mummy tummy'. 


Deso is a form of intralipotherapy, an alternative to liposuction or surgery. This involves injected a fat dissolving agent directly into the fatty tissue resulting in destruction of the fat cell membrane. Over the course of several weeks, the fat cells dissolve and are cleared by your body naturally through your lymphatic system and blood supply. Aftercare includes wearing a compression garment and regular self massage of the treated area to assist product dispersal and lymphatic drainage.

Fat Dissolving

How does fat dissolving work?

Is fat dissolving painful?

The procedure is usually pain free. Some mild swelling and discomfort in the first week or two is to be expected. You can continue to do your normal activities and return to work immediately, although we recommend avoiding heavy exercise for 2 days after to prevent further swelling. 


A course of 4 treatments, one every 6-8 weeks is generally required to obtain a satisfactory result. 

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