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How long does it take to get lip fillers?

Having lip fillers isn't something to be rushed. It's a delicate medical procedure consisting of several stages to make sure you get the best result, in the safest most comfortable way. It involves preparing you for what to expect, applying numbing cream, disinfecting the lips, injecting the filler, post-procedure massage and giving aftercare advice. All in all, this takes around 1 hour. I recommend getting lip fillers done when you have a few days off afterwards and no special events for at least two weeks to allow time for any swelling or bruising to disappear.

You can, of course, go straight back to work, just be prepared to either be immediately open about what you've just had done as you won't be able to hide them or start thinking of some wild excuses:

'I was stung by a bee on my lips!' (both of them?)

'I've had an allergic reaction to my lipstick'

'It's just plumping lip balm'

You decide!



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