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How to avoid looking over-filled.

Fillers can have a bad reputation when all you see if overfilled, puffy, rubbery faces. The result of a dermal filler treatment shouldn't be obvious to others, but you may get compliments on how 'well' you look. Read on to find out how this can be achieved:

There are several key elements to a dermal filler procedure to ensure a natural result:

  • Using an appropriate product that integrates and moves naturally with your skin- dense fillers should be used in the deep layers, finer fillers near the surface.

  • Working with your natural contours- for example if you try to create big round cheeks in someone that has a fairly flat face it will look very obvious. Similarly, creating very high, wide, contoured cheeks on a mature patient is not how nature intended, and it will catch people's attention in a negative way.

  • Treating the cause of the volume loss rather than just filling lines- lines in the lower face around the nose and mouth are mainly caused by volume loss and sagging in the cheeks. If these areas are treated with filler in isolation, it will add volume to the centre of the face and make the cheeks appear even flatter. This is a not a natural look.

  • Using conservative amounts of filler- less is often more with careful placement of small amounts of the right filler in expert hands. Overfilling can cause migration, this is most apparent in so-called 'duck lips'. The skin of the lips is very thin, and there is only a limited amount of space for any dermal filler. When the tissue of the lips gets very compressed by a large amount of filler, it will get pushed out of this area, effectively leaking into nearby areas of skin. Overfilled lips not only look puffy, firm, shiny and sausage like, but the areas around the lips also look fuller.

  • Avoiding filler under the eyes- when filler is placed under the eyes, it obliterates the natural hollow area between the lower eyelid and the cheek. This creates a continuous area of skin that goes from the eye to the cheek, the 'lid-cheek junction is obliterated. Again, not only will this appear unnatural, but it will also make your eyes appear smaller, your face seem rounder and it frequently causes puffiness. There are lots of alternatives to filler under the eyes, my preference is skin boosters and treating the cause by adding some filler to the cheeks.

If you're looking for a natural lip filler treatment, or treat some lines and wrinkles without looking weird, look for someone that you can trust to do this. Scour the internet, ask for recommendations, check reviews and before and afters. More importantly, look for someone with a medical qualification to ensure your safety during treatment and thorough aftercare.



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