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How to get rid of Jowls

We often get asked, how do I get rid of my jowls? First of all, it is normal to have some heaviness in the lower face, this is a normal part of ageing. However, for some it can be more severe than the average person and have a huge impact on self esteem.

Keep reading to find out the causes, how to prevent and how they can be effectively treated.

The way and rate at which our skin ages is determined by many factors, some of which we unfortunately have no control over, others which are lifestyle related. These are known as intrinsic and extrinsic ageing processes respectively.

Intrinsic factors include the following:

  • Genetics - you are highly likely to follow the same pattern of ageing as your parents

  • Bone loss - our skulls shrink as we age, leaving our tissues looser and unsupported, this is particularly visible around the chin, eyes, cheeks and jawline.

  • Fat pad shrinkage and migration - youthful skin has full fat pads that add to the contours of our faces, especially around our cheeks. These fat pads shrink and move south, gradually moving towards our jawline, creating the dreaded 'jowl' and leaving our jawlines less defined.

  • Collagen and elastin depletion - our fibroblast cells produce less collagen and elastin, and the quality of these cells is reduced as we age. These proteins are the support network of our skin, the less we have, the more wrinkly and saggy our skin becomes.

Extrinsic Factors that damage our skin's DNA and lead to premature ageing:

  • smoking cigarettes

  • Environmental Pollutants - the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis from car pollution, to chemicals in the air in our work environment, all can have a long lasting negative impact on our skin.

  • Sun damage- over exposure to the sun causes depletion of collagen levels, thickening of the skin, lesions, premature ageing, and permanently over - pigmented areas (known as hyperpigmentation).

You can reduce the risk of getting heavy jowls by avoiding the above. Considering that 80% of visible ageing is caused by sun damage, protecting your skin from the sun is the main way that you can do this, and it will keep you looking younger for longer. We recommend a mineral based SPF of 30 or over, and separate from your make up to get the best protection. It's also good to avoid exposing your skin to the sun in the middle of the day and wearing a wide brimmed hat where possible. Using a medical grade skincare routine from an early age will reduce DNA damage, and stimulate collagen. We recommend Alumier MD, as it is known and trusted to give great results on our patients in clinic. Following a healthy balanced diet and collagen supplements can also improve and maintain skin health.

If you already have jowls, there are plenty of non-surgical options to improve this area such as:

  • Dermal fillers- injecting the cheeks, jawline, nasolabial fold and pre-jowl sulcus can improve the area significantly (although you may not need all of the above).

  • Fat Dissolving

  • Skin tightening procedures, there are many clinics offering this using different methods

  • Skin boosters to stimulate collagen, elastin and hydration. We recommend a treatment called Sunekos, it's the safest product for this indication.

  • Medical grade skincare- we recommend Alumier MD

  • Chemical peels

Some patients may need a combination of treatments to get a significant improvement. However, these options aren't suitable for everyone, depending on the severity of ageing in this area. Occasionally we need to refer patients onwards for a surgical opinion. Your best interests and our integrity are more important than our bank account.

When choosing a clinic for treatment, always look for someone with a medical qualification to ensure your treatment is safe and effective.



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