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Save money and have better skin with medical grade skincare

The variety of products and overwhelming amount of new skincare lines coming into the market can make things very confusing for the consumer. It's hard to resist that beautiful packaging and gorgeous smell that allures us into buying a product, and don't forget the expensive marketing campaign or blog that attracted you to it in the first place.

However, I call upon you all to upon up your drawer and fish out all of your unused or unfinished products that you may have bought on a whim or because you believed the claim (and quite rightly) that it would give you amazing skin. Those fantastic sounding ingredients are only in the tiniest concentrations to produce a small noticeable effect, but also to be suitable for the masses- that includes those with very sensitive skin. I spent a fortune in my teenage years on different acne cleansers, scrubs, masks, and spot treatments, and guess what? None of it worked, and in fact some of it actually made it worse.

Medical-grade skincare can only be supplied from a medical professional after a thorough skin consultation. This is because it contains high-level active ingredients, which may not be suitable for all ages and skin types or during pregnancy or breastfeeding. These ingredients are formulated in a way that takes them deeper into the skin to produce better quality skin as it renews itself.

For patients with sensitive or damaged skin, these ingredients can be very irritating. All is not lost for these skin types however. Here's where you have the expertise of your skincare professional at hand to prescribe a regime of products to improve the quality of your skin slowly but surely before you can start using the more active products. Using the right doses of products at the right time can ease you into the stronger products to smooth out those lines and pores, fade age spots and sun damage and improve acne and rosacea.

Whilst the cost of medical grade skincare can add up (your average serum will cost around £65 on average, similar to popular department store brands), the products go a long way so you'll need to use less, and you will save money in the long run by not buying countless products that didn't work or irritated your skin. Some of the most popular brands are Alumier MD, ZO and Obagi.

So, what have you got to lose? Apart from some space in your drawers once you've had a good clear out? Find yourself a skincare professional to recommend something that actually works. You'll usually find them within Aesthetics Clinics.



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