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Where can I get lip fillers in Cheltenham?

When we search for something on Google, we often base our decisions on how near that person is to us, eg #lipfillersnearme, #lipfillerscheltenham. Then price, then perhaps start looking into the business a little, who runs it, have they got good reviews etc.

It's also a good idea to look at reviews, and photos of the premises to scope out the facilities. Does it look like a clean and professional environment? If the prices are very low, there's usually a good reason behind that. Lip fillers come at a high premium when purchased from a reputable pharmacy. Check for evidence of the practitioner's training and ask to see certificates.

You only have one face, look after it, #safetyinaesthetics

I'm Kelly Whittaker and I run Illuminate Aesthetics and Skin Clinic in the beautiful Prestbury Village, Cheltenham, near Cheltenham Racecourse. I'm a nurse with 8 years of prior experience before training in Aesthetics, and I work alongside a Nurse Prescriber. I've undertaken a specific complications management course for dermal fillers (including lip fillers) and botulinum toxin (known as 'botox'). The safety of my clients and my morals always come before profits. My ethos is to provide safe treatments, with natural looking results that make your skin look refreshed without looking like you've 'had a lot of work done', #naturallipfillers #subtlelipfillers #noducklipshere, #prestburyvillage, #cheltenhamracecourse, #cheltenhamraces #skincliniccheltenham

If you would like to know any more about the treatments that I provide, please visit my website,



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